A new Flask tutorial for journalism students

This semester I’ve been gradually building out a single, comprehensive python-beginners repo at GitHub, and the latest segment is all about getting started with Flask — a popular Python framework for building web apps (and easier than Django).

I have tried to use various books and online tutorials to teach Flask for the past two years, but I’ve finally given up on that because there’s just so much extra stuff (confusing for my students), or they are outdated and largely wrong now, or both.

Miguel Grinberg’s new, fully updated mega-tutorial for Flask is comprehensive and thorough — but it’s just too thorough, really, for journalism and communications students who only learned Python about four weeks ago.

Some handy Python tricks, and a Python3 cheat sheet

This blog post demonstrates 10 cool Python tricks that are not covered in introductory lessons, involving tuples, lists, join, etc. I have documented some of these already here in Code Notes, but the format of the blog post is really excellent for a quick skim.

There are many Python3 cheat sheets available out there, but this one is actually clear and easy to read — unlike many others!