Beginner JavaScript Resources

Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd edition (2018), by Marijn Haverbeke: This free online book is available as a PDF, EPUB or MOBI (Kindle) download. I recommend it highly (as do many others).

I urge you to seek out resources at Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) and NOT at W3schools. Here are some great MDN resources for finding answers about JavaScript:

The excellent book series You Don’t Know JS is fully available online to read for free.

These two recently updated Codecademy courses are interactive, hands-on, and really great for beginners:

If you learned jQuery back when it was truly necessary, you might (like me) appreciate this resource for doing all those things using pure vanilla JavaScript instead: plainJS – The Vanilla JavaScript Repository


UF Data Science and Informatics

UF DSI is a student organization that spans multiple disciplines and colleges at the University of Florida. They have a website and a Facebook group. They have a large, active board and are devoted to helping students advance their skills.

To that end, they offer free workshops throughout the academic year. Workshops cover Python, R, SQL, and data visualization. Links to DSI GitHub repos for each workshop series can be found on the website, and dates and times for workshops come through the Facebook group.