Packaging apps

This is a summary of a news nerds discussion in early November 2019.

  • Grunt and Gulp are old news, although still used.
  • Webpack is difficult but widely used.
  • Rollup is simpler than Webpack, and good.
  • Microbundle is even easier than Rollup, and suitable for smaller modules.
  • The Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide is opinionated but useful for establishing and following conventions.

A long but clear explanation of the whole module-bundling process is Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs (2017).

How to get started with Node and Webpack

This is a great guide:

Writing Modular Code: A Starter Guide to Node & Webpack for Web Developers

“This repo was designed to teach news developers about the power of modular development using Node and Webpack. It is not an extensive dive into the merits or philosophies of modular code, nor is it an in-depth lesson on the complexities both Node and Webpack offer. Instead, this guide aims to be a first step for web developers unfamiliar with potentially daunting world of Node and Webpack.”

Written by the great @brizandrew