Embed a gist in WordPress

Mostly I don’t mind the WordPress Gutenberg editor, but this was a real pain in the ass.

First, you need a new “block.” It needs to be a regular paragraph block, NOT a code block. Code blocks are for writing code.

Then you need to turn on “Add Custom HTML” for that block.

Screenshot of WP Custom HTML option

Then you take the embed code from your gist (see image below), including the script tags, and paste it. There is no WordPress embed option for gists. Do not waste your time Googling for how to embed a gist, as I did.

Screenshot of gist embed box at top of gist page

Now you’ll have a proper gist embed in your WordPress post.

Clarification: It’s not a pain in the ass once you know this is the way to do it. It’s a pain in the ass to figure it out because (a) it doesn’t work like other WordPress embeds in Gutenberg, and (b) there are a bunch of incorrect post about how to do it, including one at WordPress Support.

5-minute JavaScript tutorials

So many tutorial videos are so darned long! This summer, I set out to make a new series of videos for absolute beginners in JavaScript. They are free on YouTube, and here is the playlist:

JavaScript Beginners

Most of these video are shorter than 5 minutes. Only one is longer than 6 minutes (6:43), and I might try to go back and make that one shorter.

I have tried to title each video very specifically so that you can scan the playlist and pick a focused topic without thinking too hard.

The idea was to demonstrate characteristics of JavaScript, as well as the most basic programming concepts, in the JavaScript console — which every modern web browser has. I hope this will encourage beginners to play along and try things out in the console themselves.